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Our Speciality

At BBQ Yummy, we focus on keeping the traditional recipe tastes the same as it was created 50 years ago. Unlike most, we know the world is changing, but our recipe needs to be the same. BBQ Yummy put heart and soul in to every BBQ and doesn’t take shortcuts. We use a traditional homemade Charbroil grill stove in slow-smoking our meat. We marinade our meat for hours and days to make sure that our sauce sink into the meat. All of our meat is fresh straight from our partner farms deliver to us daily. We grill our meat with the right temperature by using mesquite woods and special herb to help balance the flames that will give the smell of delicious BBQ.

Our chef monitor every meat that come out of our grill that will give out the same flavor on every batch. It’s every important that we keep our legacy strong and pass it along for the next generation to come

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