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When will my order be delivered?

We offer FedEx Standard Overnight and 2-Day delivery options for all perishable goods. Your preferred shipping method is chosen during the checkout process.

How do I cancel my order or make changes?

You can change or cancel an order by calling (800) 261-5022. Although we will make every effort to process your change or cancellation request, however, once an order is prepared for shipment or sent out for delivery, it cannot be changed.

Can I ship outside the United States?

No. We do not offer International shipping at the moment.

Can I ship to a P.O Box or APO/FPO address?

No. FedEx does NOT deliver to P.O. Boxes or APO/FBO addresses.

How do I check my delivery status?

An email with a link to your tracking number will be sent to you once your order has been processed.  To check your delivery status, you can also track your package directly at fedex.com.

Does the food stay frozen?

The food should get to your doorstep with an internal temperature of 40 degrees and be refrigerated immediately.  If you need a frozen product at the time of delivery, kindly choose overnight delivery and checkout.

What if no one is home to receive the package?

We recommend tracking your shipment so that someone is available at the address to receive the package. We can only guarantee the product is fresh at the time of delivery.

Can I ship food products that are not on the shipping menu?

No. We can only ship food products that are prepared in a USDA inspected facility. However, we are considering adding extra products to our shipping menu

How do I reheat my ribs or pork?

Ribs – Remove the plastic seal and place them in the provided sleeve. Then, heat in the oven set at the degree on the cooking guide that comes in the box

Can I include a gift message in the package?

Yes. We can customize your package with your message. Just enter your message in the section on the Cart page and we will take care of the rest.

How long can I keep the product in my freezer?

Although we recommend that you enjoy all the products immediately, however, you may freeze any unused portion for 3-6 months.

How do you package and ship my food?

Our food expedition is just as unique as every of our BBQ Yummy explorers!

We make, pack and ship each item on BBQ Yummy uniquely to make sure that the freshest, most delectable foods are delivered at your doorstep.

To know whether any product is shipped frozen or requires prep, check the Use & Case section on every product page. For more information on any product, send us an email at [email protected].

I want my package to be delivered at a certain time, how can I make arrangement for this?

Once we have delivered the package to the shipping carrier, we do not have control over the delivery time. However, it is great to understand that both UPS and FedEx allow you to plan your delivery time for each package that will be delivered at home.

If you will not be home and you are concerned that the shipping carrier may not deliver at your doorstep, we recommend that you contact UPS or FedEx directly to schedule your delivery window. These companies have flexible Delivery Manager platforms that enable you to plan your package delivery within a short timeframe so that your package will be delivered at home promptly.

After we have sent you a tracking email to notify you of the shipping of your package, visit one of the links below to schedule the most suitable delivery time or pick-up time/location.

What are the shipping rates of BBQ Yummy?

There is free shipping for the majority of BBQ Yummy products. The product and shipping are itemized differently by some of our partner shops, and calculation is made during checkout. For quicker delivery, there may be a need for expedited shipping fees. The item to be shipped, the distance to be covered, and speed of delivery also determine the shipping fees.

My order was not delivered at the scheduled time, can I get a credit?

Estimation of the delivery dates given to BBQ Yummy customers is done because of reasons out of our control. After we have shipped a product from our facility, we are not responsible for any delays in the delivery due to weather, mechanical errors, inaccurate shipping information, high package volume, natural disasters, our carrier’s drop-off policy, or terrorism safety control.

If the actual transit time is shorter than expected, it is possible for your package to arrive earlier. Our packages are scheduled to be shipped based on the chosen delivery date, according to the standard arrival window that UPS or FedEx offers. Although BBQ Yummy strives to ensure prompt delivery of the package, it is possible for the package to arrive earlier.

Is it necessary for me to be at home to sign the package after delivery?

No! The delivery of the majority of our packages does not require a signature. However, we advise that you open your package soon after it is delivered so as to refrigerate any items that require it. If the packages are damaged because of delay in opening and/or improper storage after delivery, BBQ Yummy does not take responsibility for such damage.

It is solely the discretion of the driver to drop an unattended package at your doorstep. The driver may do so if they feel leaving the package is safe. BBQ Yummy is not responsible for any missed deliveries if the driver didn’t find anyone at home and felt it was not safe to leave the package at your door.

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