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About US

BBQ Yummy was founded by a group of friends whose love for BBQ is incomparable. In our team, we have an experienced professional who was once a head chef at one of the local restaurants in Los Angeles. This chef established a new BBQ menu for a restaurant, and the result was overwhelming as his recipe was widely received by all. Although he did not show the secret behind the menu, he later revealed his secret BBQ recipe to friends at a gathering party. The taste was amazing and everyone wanted more. Throughout the rest of the gathering, his yummy BBQ meat was the major point of discussion.

Having noticed how people received the menu, our partner took advantage of this opportunity to establish a business. Resultantly, he went to different restaurants that are renowned for offering the most delicious BBQ and he noticed that none of the recipes was close to the freshness and tastes of our recipe. We came together and decided to turn it to a business because our recipe offers one-of-a-kind tastes and meat tender that you will love. Our goal is to bring back the legacy of offering the most delectable menus passed down from the great grandfather of our partner to his 5th generation.

Afterward, we sent free samples of our menus to friends and family, and we got amazing feedback that was beyond our expectation. Many of our testers are now keen to buy from us. Due to our experiences and expertise, we have successfully found the gem of BBQ recipe that will make you yearn for more. Also, our BBQ has different types of sauces that are bound to give our BBQ a more scrumptious taste.

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